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By 9th b grade students

 On 17 October 2018 students of 6th – 9th grades visited National History Museum of Latvia in Riga. The exhibition is called „Latvia’s century”. It reveals 100 years of history of Latvia. The exhibition is unique, because it displays 15000 objects from 68 museums across Latvia.

   In the museum we had a guided tour. First, we were given a player and headphones so we could better hear the guide. The guide led us around the interactive exhibition with historical objects, photos, audio recordings, films and videos. The exhibiton was in the form of a labyrinth. We were very excited and it was interesting to listen.

   The last 100 years were a century of huge changes. It started with Latvian Nation and the power of Unity, creation of the Latvian state and continued with a revolution, several occupations, deportations, refugees, restoration of Latvian Independence and creation Modern Latvia.

  We were impressed by the photo of proclamation of Latvian Independence taken on 18 November 1918. We were lucky to see 12 the Lāčplēsis Military Orders awarded for bravery in the War of Independence in 1919. We liked the display of Latvian folk costumes showing us that the Latvian nation developed by inheriting traditions. We enjoyed spending some time in the room fully furnished as it was in 1980s. It was fascinating to read some letters, to watch different objects. We revealed the past through the stories of some individuals and families. It was a great history lesson!

  We highly recommend to visit this exhibition. It will be interesting for people of all ages.