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Webinar with the owner of eTwinning National prize

During a webinar, which took place on January 31, "Klasika"'s teachers Tatiana Vinokurova and Inara Vasilevska presented the results of Erasmus+/eTwinning project "ICT WORLD 2017".

Last year this particular project received the National eTwinning prize, and was also marked by a young company "Learn It" as "the most original project of information and communication technologies".

You can find all the materials in TwinSpace environment.

About the project

Being able to create algorithms, spatial thinking, teamwork, working with modern technologies- all these skills are required from 21st century's person.

The project unites teachers from 6 countries (Germany, Latvia, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Finland) with the purpose of presenting real life aspects with the help of computer programs, teaching students how to use scratch, geogebra, sketchup, arduino, gimp, gapminder, etc. The ambitious plan's implementation was divided into three basic stages.

Last year, the main focus was on working with programming platform Scratch and dynamic mathematical computer environment Geogebra. This stage was named "ICT World 2017". We would like to thank "Baltic 3D" company, with the help and support of which the students have mastered the basics of 3D modeling and printing, as well as saw how 3D printer works.